Medicare part - B premium

Medicare Part B Premium Costs in 2010

The Part B premium is increased each year, if necessary, to fund about 25% of theprojected cost of Part B. In 2010, most people will continue to pay the 2009 Part Bpremium of $96.40, even though the 2010 standard monthly Part B premium is $110.50.

Why will most people continue to pay $96.40 for theirPart B premium?

Most people have their Part B premium deducted from their monthly Social Securitybenefit check. In 2010, Social Security benefits won’t include a cost-of-livingadjustment (COLA), which means Social Security benefit checks won’t increase.However, the Social Security Act protects most people from having a decrease in theirSocial Security benefits from one year to the next because of an increase in the Part Bpremium. This means that most people who have the Part B premium deducted fromtheir Social Security benefit check will continue to pay $96.40 each month.

Who will pay $110.50 (or more) for their Part B premium?

In 2010, the following people aren’t protected and will pay the standard $110.50 ormore for their Part B premium:

• People who get Part B beginning January 1, 2010, or later (new enrollees) will pay theincreased premium.

• People with incomes above certain amounts will pay the premiums listed in the table.

• People who have Part B but don’t get Social Security benefits will pay the increasedPart B premium.

States that pay the Part B premium on behalf of people with Medicaid will pay theincreased Part B premium.

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