Medicare CPT "A" series codes

dressing holder/binder A4462
Absorption dressing A6251-A6256
Access system A4301
Adhesive A4364
bandage A6413
disc or foam pad A5126
Air travel and nonemergency transportation A0140
Alcohol A4244
Alcohol wipes A4245
Alert device A9280
Alginate dressing A6196-A6199
Ambulance A0021-A0999
disposable supplies A0382-A0398
oxygen A0422
Ammonia N-13 A9526
Ammonia test paper A4774
cleaner A5131
saliva A9155
drainage A4357
irrigation supply A4398
replacement for blood glucose monitor A4233-A4234
replacement for TENS A4630
ventilator A4611-A4613
ostomy A4367
Binder A4465
glucose test A4253
ketone test A4252
strips A4253
testing supplies A4770
accessories A4281-A4286
Breathing circuit A4618
Calibrator solution A4256
Carbon filter A4680
Catheter A4300-A4355
indwelling A4338-A4346
insertion tray A4354
intermittent with insertion supplies A4353
irrigation supplies A4355
oropharyngeal suction A4628
starter set A4329
transtracheal oxygen A4608
Centrifuge A4650
Cervical cap contraceptive A4261
Chromic phosphate P32 suspension A9564
Chromium CR-51 sodium chromate A9553
external urethral A4356
Clotting time tube A4771
wound dressing A6020-A6024
Comfort items A9190
Composite dressing A6200-A6205
Compression bandage A4460
Compression burn garment A6501-A6512
Compression stockings A6530-A6549
Contact layer A6206-A6208
receiver A9278
sensor A9276
transmitter A9277
cervical cap A4261
diaphragm A4266
spermicide A4269
injection during MRI A4643
low osmolar A4644-A4646
alginate dressing A6196-A6198
foam dressing A6209-A6214
hydrogel dressing A6242-A6248
specialty absorptive dressing A6251-A6256
humidifier A7046
Cyanocobalamin Cobalt C057 A9559
Delivery/set-up/dispensing A9901
Dextrostick A4772
Dialysate concentrate additives A4765
Dialysate solution A4728
Dialysate testing solution A4760
chemicals/antiseptics solution A4674
disposable cycler set A4671
extension line A4672-A4673
filter A4680
forceps A4910
kit A4820
shunt A4740
supplies A4650-A4927
thermometer A4910
tourniquet A4910
venous pressure clamp A4918
Dialyzer A4690
Dome and mouthpiece (for nebulizer) A7016
bottle A5102
Dressing (see also Bandage) A6020-A6406
alginate A6196-A6199
collagen A6020-A6024
composite A6200-A6205
contact layer A6206-A6208
foam A6209-A6215
holder/binder A4462
hydrocolloid A6234-A6241
hydrogel A6242-A6248
specialty absorptive A6251-A6256
transparent film A6257-A6259
tubular A6457
Dropper A4649
Echocardiography injectable contrast material A9700
Endoscope sheath A4270
plumbing A4870
supplies A4651-A4929
Exercise equipment A9300
ambulatory insulin delivery system A9274
urinary supplies A4356-A4359
alginate dressing A6199
foam dressing A6215
hydrogel dressing A6248
aerosol compressor A7014
dialysis carbon A4680
ostomy A4368
tracheostoma A4481
ultrasonic generator A7014
Fistula cannulation set A4730
Fluorodeoxyglucose F-18 FDG A9552
Foam dressing A6209-A6215
Foam pad adhesive A5126
Gallium Ga67 A9556
non-impregnated A6402-A6404
conductive A4558
Gloves A4927
Gomco drain bottle A4912
Gravlee jet washer A4470
Hemostats A4850
Hemostix A4773
Hexalite A4590
Hydrocolloid dressing A6234-A6241
access system A4301
percutaneous access system A4301
Implantable radiation dosimeter A4650
Impregnated gauze dressing A6222-A6230
Indium IN-111 carpromab pendetide A9507
Indium IN-111 ibritumomab tiuxetan A9542
Indium IN-111 labeled autologous white blood cells A9570
Indium IN-111 labeled autologous platelets A9571
Indium IN-111 oxyquinoline A9547
Indium IN-111 pentetate A9548
Indium IN-111 pentetreotide A9572
Indium IN-111 satumomab A4642
supplies for self-administered A4211
Insertion tray A4310-A4316
Iodine Iobenguane sulfate I-131 A9508
Iodine I-125 serum albumin A9532
Iodine I-125 sodium iodide A9527
Iodine I-125 sodium iothalamate A9554
Iodine I-131 iodinated serum albumin A9524
Iodine I-131 sodium iodide solution A9529-A9531
Iodine I-131 tositumomab A9544-A9545
Iodine swabs/wipes A4247
ESRD supply A4650-A4927
fistula cannulation (set) A4730
surgical dressing (tray) A4550
tracheostomy A4625
permanent A4263
temporary A4262
oxygen A4620
Medical and surgical supplies A4206-A8999
Methylene blue A9535
Moisture exchanger for use with invasive mechanical ventilation A4483
blood pressure A4670
Monitoring feature/device A9279
Mouthpiece (for respiratory equipment) A4617
aerosol mask A7015
small volume A7003-A7005
Needle A4215
non-coring A4212
with syringe A4206-A4209
accessories A6550
Nitrogen N-13 ammonia A9526
Noncovered services A9270
Nonemergency transportation A0080-A0210
Nonprescription drug A9150
Oral/nasal mask A7027
nasal pillows A7029
oral cushion A7028
Oropharyngeal suction catheter A4628
accessories A5093
belt A4396
pouches A4416-A4434
skin barrier A4401-A4449
ambulance A0422
mask A4620
medication supplies A4611-A4627
tubing A4616
Paraffin A4265
Percutaneous access system A4301
Peroxide A4244
Phisohex solution A4246
fecal collection A4330
Reaching/grabbing device A9281
Reagent strip A4252
battery A4630
pad (alternating pressure) A4640
underarm pad for crutches A4635
Rubidium Rb-82 A9555
Sacral nerve stimulation test lead A4290
Samarium SM 153 Lexidronamm A9605
skin A6250
Serum clotting time tube A4771
for diabetics A5500-A5508
Shunt accessory for dialysis A4740
Sling A4565
fluoride F-18 A9580
phosphate P32 A9563
calibrator A4256
dialysate A4760
Specialty absorptive dressing A6251-A6256
Sterile water A4216-A4217
stoma absorptive cover A5083
urine reagent A4250
Stylet A4212
Supply/accessory/service A9900
dressing A6196-A6406
stocking A4490-A4510
supplies A4649
tray A4550
Syringe A4213
with needle A4206-A4209
Technetium TC 99M Arcitumomab A9568
Technetium TC 99M Bicisate A9557
Technetium TC 99M Depreotide A9536
Technetium TC 99M Disofenin A9510
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine A9521
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine labeled autologous white blood cells A9569
Technetium TC 99M Fanolesomab A9566
Technetium TC 99M Glucepatate A9550
Technetium TC 99M - Labeled red blood cells A9560
Technetium TC 99M Macroaggregated albumin A9540
Technetium TC 99M Mebrofenin A9537
Technetium TC 99M Mertiatide A9562
Technetium TC 99M Oxidronate A9561
Technetium TC 99M Pertechnetate A9512
Technetium TC 99M Pyrophosphate A9538
Technetium TC 99M Sestamibi A9500
Technetium TC 99M Succimer A9551
Technetium TC 99M Sulfur colloid A9541
Technetium TC 99M Teboroxime A9501
Technetium TC 99M Tetrofosmin A9502
Thallous Chloride TL 201 A9505
Thermometer A4931-A4932
Tissue marker A4648
Topical hyperbaric oxygen chamber A4575
Tracheostoma heat moisture exchange system A7501-A7509
care kit A4629
filter A4481
tube A7520-A7522
Tracheotomy mask or collar A7525-A7526
Transparent film (for dressing) A6257-A6259
handicapped A0130
Transtracheal oxygen catheter A7018
insertion A4310-A4316
irrigation A4320
surgical (see also kits) A4550
anchoring device A5200
drainage extension A4331
irrigation A4355
larynectomy A4622
oxygen A4616
serum clotting time A4771
tracheostomy A4622
Ureterostomy supplies A4454-A4590
collection and retention (supplies) A4310-A4359
tests A4250
Vabra aspirator A4480
catheter (appliances and supplies) A4300-A4306
battery A4611-A4613
distilled (for nebulizer) A7018
sterile A4714
Wig A9282
Wound cleanser A6260
alginate dressing A6196-A6198
collagen dressing A6020-A6024
foam dressing A6209-A6214
hydrocolloid dressing A6234-A6239
hydrogel dressing A6242-A6247
specialty absorptive dressing A6251-A6256
alginate dressing A6199
collagen based A6010
foam dressing A6215
hydrogel dressing A6248
Wound pouch A6154
Xenon Xe 133 A9558
Yttrium Y-90 ibritumomab A9543

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