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A non-surgical technique for treating diseased arteries by temporarily inflating a tiny balloon inside an artery to push aside plaque build-up.


A term used by medical professionals meaning at the front of, or close to the front of the body. ,


Specialized proteins produced by white blood cells that circulate in the blood. Antibodies seek and attach to foreign proteins, microorganisms, or toxins in order to neutralize them. They are part of the immune system.


A medication that keeps the blood from clotting, a blood thinner*


Largest artery in the body; delivers oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body,


Cessation of respiration; inability to get one's breath.


Smallest arteries in the body,


A disease process, commonly called hardening of the arteries, which includes a variety of conditions that cause artery walls to thicken and lose elasticity,


Pain in a joint, usually due to arthritis.


Chronic or ongoing inflammation of a joint.


To inhale foreign material into the windpipe (trachea). A significant reason for the development of pneumonia.


Inability to coordinate movements and maintain posture; a tendency to lose balance.
Atherosclerosis A disease process that leads to the accumulation of a waxy substance (plaque) inside blood vessels.


One of the two upper chambers of the heart. The right atrium receives blood depleted of oxygen from the veins; the left atrium receives blood with fresh oxygen from the lungs. Atrophy A wasting away or decrease in size of a cell, tissue, organ, or part of the body caused by lack of nourishment, inactivity or loss of nerve supply.


The axon is the "output" part of a biological neuron. When a neuron fires, a pulse of electrical activity flows along the axon. Towards its end, or ends, the axon splits into a tree. The ends of the axon come into close contact with the dendrites of other neurons. These junctions are termed synapses. Axons may be short (a couple of millimeters) or long (e.g. the axons of the nerves that run down the legs of a reasonably large animal). The Association of Registered Health Care Professionals

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Medical coding terms

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