Insurance denial appeal letter

Appealing with insurance against the denials are very important process. Here i have given the sample appeal letter for your reference. This letter used to asking the insurance to reprocess the claims which are denied for Medical records.

Practice Name

11th September 2009


The Claims Adjudicators

P O BOX 294
Dear Sir / Madam

Sub.: Appeal of Medical claims pertaining to Dates of Service 11/26/2008 ……………………

We had already submitted claims to you for the patients (Patients name here) but the claims has been denies for Medical record. We have attached all the details herewith. We are having all these accounts sitting in our books as outstanding for no fault of ours.

In this context, we request you to kindly have these claims re-processed and expedite reimbursements on these claims. Also we would be left out with no other option except to go ahead and bill the patients for these if we do not hear back from you.

If you have any clarifications on this, please feel free to call us at (phone number)

Hoping to hear from you soon in this context.

Thanks and Regards

Your name

Accounts Receivable – Reimbursement Specialist


Anonymous said...

There is a grammar error in your letter: "has been denies".

Anonymous said...

Seriously??!!! The Entire letter is Crap!! Good luck getting paid with That one!

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