Medicare Denial - A1 B1 B4 and B6

A1 Claim/Service denied.

This is General code telling that cliam is denied. Look the additional code for more information.

B1 Non-covered visits.

This is non covered visit. Look the additional code for more information.

B4 Late filing penalty.

This is the amount deducted by Medicare because of late filing. It will be reduced from payment. Just post the amount after reduction.

B6 This payment is adjusted when performed/billed by this type of provider, by this type of provider in this type of facility, or by a provider of this specialty.

Medicare remittance review
Medicare denial codes
Medicaid phone and address
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Medicare CO 4,5,20,21 AND CO 29
Medicare denial CO 26, CO 27, CO 28, CO 30, CO 177, CO 178 and CO 180
Medicare denial
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