Medicare - Submitting Medical records electronically

Medicare implementing new way to submitting Medical records electronically. Check your local Medicare for more information.

Changes in Submitting Medical Documentation for Electronic Claims.

Effective November 2, 2009, providers will be able to fax medical documentation for Part B electronic claims to Highmark Medicare Services. The records can be submitted prior to, or on the same day as, your
electronic claim submission.

Providers will need to fax all pertinent records using the “Cover Sheet for Submitting Medical Documentation
for Electronic Claims.” This cover sheet is located on the Highmark Medicare Services’ Internet site under
the Reference Materials section of the Electronic Billing (EDI) Center at:

 For accurate processing of your claim(s), please
complete all requested information in capital letters and avoid contact with the edge of the boxes.
Important tips to keep in mind when faxing medical records for electronic claims:

1. Only send medical documentation when necessary for the adjudication of procedures/services that
are unusual or require such documentation on a pre-payment basis.
2. Only fax documentation for one patient per cover sheet.
3. The cover sheet is for Part B electronic claims only.
The fax number will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The records, along with a completed cover
sheet, should be faxed to: 1-877-439-5479

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