Type of service codes (TOS)

Background: Type of Service (TOS) is an indicator that the contractor places on the Form CMS-1500 paper form or electronic format. The indicator is mainly used for data purposes. However, in some instances it affects payment. All HCPCS codes have a corresponding TOS indicator.

The following is a list of valid Types of Service Codes that will be accepted on your electronic claims:

These service codes may be used in medical billing and coding certification.

Transaction Code List - General Type of Service:

01-Medical Care
04-Diagnostic X-Ray
05-Diagnostic Lab
06-Radiation Therapy
08-Surgical Assistance
09-Other Medical
10-Blood Charges
11-Used DME
12-DME Purchase
13-ASC Facility
14-Renal Supplies in the Home
15-Alternate Method Dialysis Payment
16-CRD Equipment
17-Pre-Admission Testing
18-DME Rental
19-Pneumonia Vaccine
20-Second Surgical Opinion
21-Third Surgical Opinion
51-Purchased Lab
95-Psychiatric Assistant
97-Room and Board

Transaction Code List - Unique Type of Service:

1G-Global Service Radiology
1H-Global Service Laboratory
BL-Blood/Packed Cells
CB-Cosmetic Surgery-Beautification
CC-Concurrent Care

CS-Cosmetic Surgery-Necessary
D-Occupational Therapy
E-DME-Used Without Warranty
G-Medical Diagnostic Services
H-Special Medical Therapeutics
II-Professional Component
J-Therapeutic Injections
K-Monitoring Services
KK-Emergency Care
L-Speech Therapy
LL-Home Care Program
N-Kidney Donor
NC-60% Non Emergency Consultation
NN-Visiting Nurse Services

Type Of Service Codes

The type of service value is system generated from the procedure code on the claim and helps describe the procedure code.

The types of service values are listed below by each value and by the procedure code ranges.

The place of service or diagnosis may be considered when determining the appropriate TOS. The descriptors for each of the TOS codes listed in the annual HCPCS update are:

Type of Service Indicators Code Description

0 Whole Blood
1 Medical Care
2 Surgery
3 Consultation
4 Diagnostic Radiology
5 Diagnostic Laboratory
6 Therapeutic Radiology
7 Anesthesia
8 Assistant at Surgery
9 Other Medical Items or Services
A Used DME
B High Risk Screening Mammography
C Low Risk Screening Mammography
D Ambulance
E Enteral/Parenteral Nutrients/Supplies
F Ambulatory Surgical Center (Facility Usage for Surgical Services)
G Immunosuppressive Drugs
H Hospice
J Diabetic Shoes
K Hearing Items and Services
L ESRD Supplies
M Monthly Capitation Payment for Dialysis
N Kidney Donor
P Lump Sum Purchase of DME, Prosthetics, Orthotics
Q Vision Items or Services
R Rental of DME
S Surgical Dressings or Other Medical Supplies
T Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Limitation
U Occupational Therapy
V Pneumococcal/Flu Vaccine
W Physical Therapy

To know about Place of service codes

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