Anesthesia claims denial - Time not in system

Issue: Anesthesia time not on claim

Action: For anesthesia claims it is mandatory to have time printed on the claim. This rule is not applicable for flat fee codes. But we have got quite few denials from the carriers who wanted anesthesia time even for flat fee codes. So wherever anesthesia time is available the same should be noted for claims with flat fee codes.

There is one more reason for this denial. If there are more than 4 line items in a ticket then the anesthesia time would not get printed on the same claim form but in another. The carrier will treat the two forms separately
and deny one for incomplete information and the other for want of anesthesia time. This should be avoided. Whenever you find a denial for this reason take the HCFA(s), staple them and send the same along with a covering letter.

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