What is Modifiers

What is A Modifier?

Modifiers are two digit codes used to report additional information used during claims processing. Modifiers may be alpha-alpha, alpha-numeric or numeric -numeric, such as AA, E1 or 25. Some modifiers describe additional work or circumstances that affected the service provided and may impact reimbursement. Other modifiers are used for informational purposes only and will not impact reimbursement, but may prevent denials. CPT modifiers are published in the Physicians CPT Manual. HCPCS and locally assigned modifiers are reported in the Medicare Advisory .

We can use the modifier for the below situation.

1. To descripe the location of the body
2. For Hospice claims

3. For HSPSA claims
4. ABN cases
5. Aneshtehsia claims
6. Technical and professional components
7. Global preoperative period
8. Multiple surgery

Medical billing modifier 57

Medical billing Modifier 58

Medical billing modifier 78

Medical billing Modifier 79

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