Skilled nursing facility


•An institution or a distinct part of an institution, which has in effect a transfer agreement with one or more hospitals and is primarily, engaged in providing inpatient skilled nursing care or rehabilitation services.
•Provides skilled nursing care, continuous 24-hour nursing service, and maintains daily medical records for each patient.
•It must be licensed under all applicable state and local laws.
•It must be approved for payment of Medicare benefits or be qualified to receive that approval if so requested.

•It does not include any home or facility used primarily for rest, educational care, treatment of mental or nervous disorders or a facility for the aged which furnishes primarily custodial care, including training in routines of daily living.
•Licensed institution primarily engaged in the provision of skilled nursing care.

Skilled Nursing Care

•Daily nursing and rehabilitative care that is performed only by or under the supervision of skilled professional or technical personnel.
•Skilled care includes administering medication, medical diagnosis and minor surgery.

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