Medicare Plan or Part D

Its a program for Prescription drugs. Its not like Part A or Part B. Patient has to pay their own premum to buy this services. Its run by private companies.

All plans will have different costs and benefits from year to year, thus it is advisable for all beneficiaries to consider their options and make the best choice they can.

Coverage and Deductible

The Medicare law establishes a standard Part D drug benefit. Plans must offer a benefit package that is at least as valuable as the standard benefit. The standard benefit is defined in terms of the benefit structure, not the particular drugs that must be covered. In 2009, this standard benefit includes an initial $295 deductible. After meeting the

deductible the beneficiaries pay 25% of the cost of covered Part D prescription drugs, up to an initial coverage limit of $2,700. Once the initial coverage limit is reached, beneficiaries are subject to another deductible, known as the "Donut Hole," or "Coverage Gap," in which they must pay the full costs of drugs.

Covered Drugs.

The MMA defines the drugs that are covered under Part D, and therefore the drugs for which payment will be made under Part D, in relationship to their coverage under Medicaid and under other parts of Medicare. A Part D drug is a drug that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, for which a prescription is required, and for which payment is required under Medicaid.[6] Biological products, including insulin and insulin supplies, and smoking cessation drugs are also covered under Part D.[7]

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