How to do Anesthesia billing?

Things required for Anesthesia billing.

1. Every cpt has base unit but this has not to be billed in the claims.
2. Enter the time interval in claim notes field or box 19. As per the insurance requirement.
Ex - Start time 19:00 End time 19:30
3. Units has to be calculdated based on the time interval which has to multiplication of 15 Min. For example 0-15 min is calculated as 1 unit and 15 - 30 Min is calculated as 2 Units.

4.If additional Modifier is required enter into the Modifier field.

What Modification required for EMC file

1. EMC file has to go with Miniutes instead of units which is we are using on regular billing.
2.we need to mention in 2400 loop segment SV1 03 MJ (Minutes) SV 04 number of minutes.

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Unknown said...


i am an AR caller i am intrested in knowing the explainion of 2400 loop segment SV1 03 MJ (Minutes) SV 04 number of minutes (Point 2)

Daina said...

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