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This is a very good weapon for an AR person to have since it helps him to run reports restricting for a particular carrier, procedure or Insurance. In this way he can be able to pinpoint if the same problem is covering a wide range of accounts, then with just one phone call to the carrier he could have a whole bunch of claims to be reprocessed. Report knowledge could be used to identify patterns of payment or nonpayment and devise methods to tackle the issues pending with the insurance.
Some type for Reports that are used.

Doctor Financials

- This is a report based on what collections versus charges that were done

by the doctor for that particular month.

Aged Ar

- Gives you the breakdown of all the accounts and claims that are outstanding as of the present day. You could restrict this type of report to give you patient balances.

Charge Report

- Gives you details of all the charges that were entered within that month.

Cash Report

- Gives you details of all cash transactions for the current month.
Carrier payment report.

60 Day Plus Report.

All issues that have crossed the 60 day limit needs to be downloaded to a spreadsheet and have them all analyzed and acted upon quickly, or if assistance is needed then this information needs to be sent over to the account manager for further action.
These are very critical for us to understand because an AR Rep would be given calls based on these report assessments so that he could obtain a solution from the carrier, these reports also give you the weapon to analyze the accounts and make a clear decision.

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