AR Person role and responsibilty - PART 1

Patient Doctor Consultation

This is a situation wherein a patient goes to see a specialist the doctor then reviews the patients past history records, as well as run a series of tests to identify the exact problem. On this a treatment chart would be created so that the patient undergoes the treatment. This is the primary place where all of billing begins.


The AR person would request some details from the clients office in the United States such as Demographic details or Referrals etc, these would be scanned over to the Madras operations office, though the AR need not know

how to scan he would need to follow up with the scan department to get this information. In order to scan, there is a particular software and a scan machine, which needs to be used together the scan person needs to insert paper in the scan machine and then clicks on the scan icon, in this way the paper would be scanned, into the path selected. This path needs to be intimated to the Madras billing office so that the scan team here would then select the given path and remove the scanned files and have them printed out.

Numbering Systems

The AR person would need to understand the filing system being maintained at the Madras operations office since this would help whenever a particular carrier is requesting for any demo details he should be able to pull this from the filing system and have it faxed over to the carrier for clarification and successful negotiation.

Filing System.

The AR person needs to be able to understand in what format the numbering system which would correlate with how it has been filed away so that he could gain easy access whenever the carrier requires a certain information he could get it from the file and have it faxed over to the carrier.

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