What is Medigap and what does it cover?

Medigap insurance is also known as Medicare supplement insurance.

Covering the Gaps in Medicare:

If you're ill or seriously injured, Medicare won't cover all your expenses. Here's what you need to know about the policies designed to pick up the slack, called medigap insurance.

Only those already enrolled in Medicare A and B can purchase this insurance. Anyone over 65 should sign on during the six-month period

(known as open enrollment) immediately following his or her enrollment in Medicare B. Waiting may result in coverage being denied.

Medigap policies help cover such Medicare costs as

·1 Deductibles.
·2 co-payments and coinsurance.

The more comprehensive plans may also provide
some coverage for

·1 Prescription drugs.
·2 Routine eye exams or dental care.
·3 Medigap policies can further reduce health care costs for individuals who have Original Medicare.
·4 Medigap policies help cover the costs for hospital bills, nursing home bills.

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