Use of Modifer 78

The physician may need to indicate that another procedure was performed during the postoperative period of the initial procedure. When this subsequent procedure is related to the first, and requires the use of the operating room, it may be reported by adding the modifier '-78' to the related procedure. (For repeat procedures on the same day, see '-76').


•Must be appended to a surgical code
•Surgery must be performed in the operating room
•Use on surgical codes to indicate that another surgical procedure was

performed during the postoperative period of the initial procedure
•Must be related to the first, original procedure but not planned prior to the previous surgery
•Use when the surgery is a result of complications of the initial operative session (may or may not be the same day)

*Note: See modifier -58 for staged or related service during the postoperative period; -76 for a repeat procedure by the same physician; and -77 for a repeat procedure by another physician


•A femoral-popliteal nonautogenous bypass graft is placed on October 1
•On October 3, an infection is noted in the lower extremity of the bypass graft
•A return to the operating room is required to explore the site
•The surgery in the operating room was performed during the postoperative period of the bypass graft and is related to the bypass graft- Coding example: 35860-78

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