List of Useful Websites

Link to all 50 State Statutes

Link to all State Workers Compensation websites

All State Insurance Commissioner Websites

All State Division of Corporations

CMS Regional Offices

CMS regulations and Policies

Medicare Fee Schedules

CMS National Coverage Determinations Manual

CMS Local Coverage Determinations

Looking for Carrier DEF-14 for corporate information

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

50 state HMO enrollment

Medicare Carrier Directory

State Medicaid Directors List

Medicare fee Schedules

ICD-9 Lookup


Prompt Pay laws

Debt collection Statute of limitations

icd-9 info

ICD-10 info

OIG Compliance Plans*&btnG.x=49&btnG.y=7

Code of Federal Regulations


Don Self Documents

Code of Federal Regulaions

Office of Civil Rights HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA Laws by State

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