Medical billing concept - Medicare secondary denails

How we can submit the secondary claims by electronic

Insurance primary to Medicare should be reported in Items 4, 6, 7, 10 (a-c) and 11 (a-c). For electronic claims only, it is imperative the correct two-digit Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) insurance type code is reported. Reporting the incorrect MSP type will result in claim denials.

Here i have listed the MSP Type and its description. We need to choose the correct one else claim will be denied.

1. 12 - Working Aged Beneficiary (over age 65) or Spouse with Employer Group Health Plan (EGHP)
2. 13 - End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Beneficiary in the twelve Month Coordination Period with an
Employer's Group Health Plan
3. 14 - No-fault Insurance Primary including Auto (any no-fault insurance)
4. 15 -Worker's Compensation
5. 43 - Disabled Beneficiary (under age 65) with Large Group Health Plan (LGHP
6. Other Liability Insurance is Primary (other types of accidents)

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