Medical billing process - Patient Calling

Calling process - Patient calls

In most of the Companies, they do not encourage doing Patient Calling from here (India). Because the caller should be very polite, very co-operative, not to use any irritating words and should talk friendly manner to the patients. Otherwise patients would go to the Court claiming that the caller has irritated or tried to misbehave or threatened them.

Normally patients are being contacted for getting following information:

To get the payment due from patient

To get the patient’s insurance coverage details

To get the patient’s address, SSN, DOB details

To get the Medical Records and Operative notes from Patient

To get the Insurance Payment from Patient if the insurance
Sends payment directly to patient

To get the Employer details if necessary

To get the Subscribers information from the patient

To get the doctor details, referring doctor details, admission date,
Discharge date, if necessary.

If the insurance denies to pay stating that patient has to call and confirm the treatment to insurance, then patient would be called and inform them to contact insurance.

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