Telephonic English - Useful Phrases

Announcing Identity

When you are calling

* Hello, This is John
* My Name is Jackson
* Good Evening, Its Paul Here

When you are called

* Hello, Allen Here
* How can I help you
* Hello, Nippon services how can i help you.

Asking If someone is in

When you are calling

Can i speak to Mr John Please?
Could I speak someone in marketing?
Could you put me through to Shilpa, please?

When you are called

Hold the line Please
Hold on, I will see.
I will just transfer you.
Yes, Just a moment

I am afraid she is not in at the moment.
Sorry, he's just gone out. Would you like to call back later.
She's away for a few days. Can i give her a message.

When will the person available.

When you are calling

What time will she be back.
Can i contact her tomorrow
When would be the good time to call again.

when you are called

She should be back at 4 o'clock
We are expectim him around 11

Finish the Call

When you are calling

I'll get back to you soon
Thanks, Very much,Good Bye

When you are called.

Thanks for calling.
We'll be in touch about it soon. Good Bye.

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