Telephonic English - Starting the Call

Identifying yourself

This is Donna Greenwood.
This is Mr. Williams.
Jennifer Fisher here.
This is Mrs. Jones.
This is Frank Stevenson speaking.
This is Daniel Adams here.
This is Paul Ryefield.

Identifying your company

This is Donna Greenwood of Chemsoft Incorporated.
Jennifer Fisher here, from Safelink Systems.

This is Paul Ryefield. I'm with Northwest Industries PLC.

Asking to be put through to the extension you need

Extension 304, please.
Could I have extension 215?
May I have extension 124?
Can I have extension 416, please?
If that extension is busy:
Will you try extension 417 instead?

Getting Through

Could you put me through to the Quality Control Department, please?
Could you get me the Export Sales Department, please.
Could I have the accounts department, please?
May I have the sales department, please?
I'd like to speak with someone who deals with complaints.
Can I speak to someone who deals with complaints?
Could I speak to the person in charge of your Finance Department?
Could I speak to someone regarding general ledger software?
May I speak to someone from the Shipping Department, please?

Giving further information about the purpose of your call

It's in connection with the International Trade Fair.
It's about some laboratory equipment.
I'm inquiring about flights to Sydney.
I have some urgent matters to discuss with him.
I have something important to discuss with him.

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