Telephonic English - Speaking about appointments and changes

When you are calling and called

How about meeting on Friday afternoon at 3pm.
I'll just check my diary
When would be convenient for you?
Could you manage one morning next week.
Shall we fix at Tuesday morning.
I'm afraid I'm tied up all that day.
Would it be possible to postpone the meeting?
Sorry its too difficult, but something urgent has come up, and I'm not going to be able to make on the day we'd fixed.
It looks as if everyone involved can manage Friday next week, so lets go for that.

Speaking about changes.

Could we arrange another appointment?
How about the 7th rather than the 1st? Are you free then?
I'm sorry , I cant manage that day after all. Can we find another date?
I'm calling because I dont think I'll be able come there.
There's been change of plan and I'm afraid I am going to have rearrange things to try to fit everything in.

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