Telephonic English - Reservation and arrangements

When you are callling

Could you tell me the cost of single room and double room?
I would like to reserve a double bed room for one week.
Has the room conference fecilities.
How far is the hotel from airport.
I am afraid I've got to change my booking. Something urgent has happened and I've had to change my plans.

When you are called

A single room cost is $50 and double room cost is $80 per day.
All rooms are fully equipped with satellite TV, A/C and internet connection.
I am afraid we are fully booked.
Could you send an e-mail to confirm your booking.
We haven't any double rooms left but I can offer you a suite.

When you are calling

I'd like a return ticket from New York to New Jersey.
I'd like to take the overnight sleeper from California to Florida.
Could you please send me the directions So i can find the office?

When you are called.

Would you like to travel first class or standard class?
Would you like to be in mobile-free carraige?
Would you like to book a table in the dining car?
There will be major roadworks for the next few weeks, causing long delays.
I'll email you a map showing exactly where the hotel is.

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