Telephonic English - Hold on Please

Connection to the Extension

When you are calling

Could you put me through to the customer support, please?
I'd like to speak to joseph, please?
Could you give me the cell number please?

When you are called.

Would you hold on, please?
Please hold the line.
Yes, Please hold on and I'll put you through.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Wrong Number

When you are calling

Oh, isnt the international systems.
I'm sorry, I must have called the wrong number
Sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number, I will try directory enquiries.
Sorry to have bothered you.

When you are called

I think you must have called the wrong number. What number have you got?
I'm afraid there is nobody here with that name.
Sorry, they moved last august.
You could probable find the right number on the internet.

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