Telephonic English - Enquiries and order

When you are calling

I have seen your advertisement and I'd like to know how much you charge for ..
Could you please tell me the conditions about..
What are you hotel rates? Does it include breakfast?
Can i order online. What is website address.
We usually get a better discount on a repeat order.
Can you quote me price for that?

When you called

We can give you 10% if you order more than 10 quantity
The sale is going to continue for next month.
Our price start from 100$ for a single room, with breakfast included.
I can email our price list to you, or shall i fax it.
Would you like our special introductory offer?
You will find all our prices and terms in our website.

When you are calling.

We are ready to order now
Have you got everything in stock?
Its a very urgent order.
We'd like to place an order for 200 packs of printer paper.
I'm phoning with you repeat order.

When you are called.

What would you like to order?
Can i have your customer reference number.
What is item number in the catalouge.
I am afraid that item is out of stock
New stock is due in next month

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