Learn English - Episode 6. He didn't write

ANNE My brother, David, worked in the family business too. But he didn’t like it. He wanted to try something different.
JOHN So what happened?
ANNE My parents agreed. They let him come to Australia to study.
JOHN Where did he go?
ANNE He came here, to Adelaide. He studied computer science. We thought he was happy.
JOHN And then what happened?
ANNE I don’t know. He wrote every week, and then the letters stopped.
JOHN Do you know where he lived?
ANNE He stayed with an Australian family. He was a boarder. Here’s the address.
She passes JOHN a piece of paper.
JOHN Did you phone them?
ANNE Yes, of course. He left there a year ago. They don’t know where he went.
JOHN Does he have a mobile phone?
ANNE I don’t know. He did, but he doesn’t answer it now.
JOHN Don’t worry Ms Lee. I’ll find your brother. I’m on the case.

He shakes her hand and she leaves. JOHN looks at the photo. Now he looks worried

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