3. Missing/Incomplete Information on Where Services Furnished

Denail reason code CO-16: Claim lacks information which is needed for adjudication.

--- Remark message MA114: Missing/incomplete/invalid information on where the services were furnished.


Item 32 of the CMS-1500 Claim Form or the electronic equivalent notifies Medicare of where the provider treated the patient. Changes have occurred that now may require the submission of a nine-digit ZIP code.

Providers are encouraged to ensure complete and accurate information is entered into Item 32 of the CMS-1500 Claim Form or the electronic equivalent.

Providers must enter the name, address (physical address) and ZIP code of the service location for all services other than those furnished in place of service home, 12. Providers must ensure the complete and correct ZIP code is

Providers can also verify if the ZIP code has been assigned nine-digits by searching the United States Post Office Web site at:

 entered in this field.

A current ZIP code database is available on the CMS Web site at:

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