Why Many People fail in learning English

There are millions of people learning English around the world. There are thousands of English schools, ESL programs, fabulous English curriculums and many more to facilitate people. But many still fail. The reason they are not successful are very common.

1. Don't try hard enough -->
Think about how much time and effort you put to win the girls (or guys) heart. Think about how much time and effort you put to finish the final project in school.

Compare it with the effort you spend on learning English. It is much less right?
You will never be succeed in learning english, or anything, if you don't try hard enough.

Some people ask me "so when can I stop learning?" My answer is simple... "never."

We are here on this cruel world to learn. You'll never pass anything until you learn from it.

2. Shy -->
Many people speak english very well, when they are alone, but they are just not confident enought to show it off when they have chances.

Think about when you go to other countries and meet local people who can speak in your language, even though it sounds incredibly funny. You feel so glad right?

It is the same when you speak English with English, Australian or American in a funny accent. Do not worry about mistake as long as you still can communicate with them. Remember, the more you fail the more you learn.

3. Wrong Attitude -->
I have mentioned before that you don't want to be an english professor or professional translator. So, please, and please, do not worry too much about the correctness of the sentence.
You will learn it from time to time not from memorizing it. The goal is to make the listener understand you. You don't need to memorize the whole dictionary because it doesn't help in a real situation.

Look at the example below and ask yourself "Who would you want to be?"

Mr. A / Mr. B and Mr. C all don't know that the elephant is called elephant but they have different ways to say in the situation

Mr. A :"I saw a big grey animal with the long nose and big ears walk pass by me yesterday. You know what I mean?..... yes yes an elephant."

Mr. B : "umm I saw something that I don't know how to call it. Ahhhh. ummmmm.... I ahhh well sorry."

Mr. C : ........... (Decide not to tell the story to anyone)
Now, which ESL learner you want to be?

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