Usage of Modifier 59

Modifier 59

Key Points to Remember:

When using this modifier, Medical Documentation is vital and essential to support medical necessity. This must be well-documented on the patient's medical record.
  • This modifier may represent a different body site or organ system.
  • This modifier may represent a separate lesion.
  • This modifier may represent a different area of injury.
  • This modifier may represent a different procedure.
  • This modifier may represent a separate incision or excision.
  • This modifier represents a distinct and independent procedure/surgery/encounter from other services performed.Sample Encounters:
  • Sample 1: Physical Therapy

    A physical therapist treat a patient with different problem. One for his neck and one for his back. During the same session, he did a Therapeutic Exercises (CPT 97112) 15 minutes each site (back and neck).

    Code first line 97112 without Mod- 59

    Code second line 97112 with Mod- 59

    >>>> make sure you point the right diagnosis on each line.

    Sample 2: Dermatology

    A Dermatologist performs simple repair of a superficial wound to the right arm and also performs a debridement of another site but on the same arm

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