Usage of Modifier 25

Most used Modifier 25

- is Significant, Separately Identifiable Evaluation andManagement Service by the Same Physician on the Same Day of theProcedure or Other Service.

Key Points to Remember:

When using this modifier, Medical Documentation is vital and essential to support medical necessity. This must be well-documented on the patient's medical record.

You are using Modifier -25 because you are stating that the Evaluation and Management Service is separate from that of the procedure performed on the same day.

Append this modifier if and only if it is a medical necessity and is a separately identifiable E/M service of that with the procedure done on the same day.

Sample Encounter 1:

The patient came in to the office with a chief complaint of entire body ache. She also present with an abscessed toe nail which she claims started after she cut her toe nails using a toe-nail cutter 2 days ago. The physician then added the incision and drainage procedure performed on the abscessed toe nail.




Sample Encounter 2:

The patient came in to the office for her scheduled 2nd therapeutic knee injection. On the same day, she presented herself as complaining with neck pain that has been bothering her sleep for the past 3 days. The physician then added a separate E/M service.




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