Usage of Modifier - 24

Medical Coding - Modifier -24 --

Unrelated Evaluation and Management Service by the SamePhysician During Postoperative Period

Report E/M code 99213 with Modifier -24 if the patientcame back during the postoperative period. The physician must identifythis service as completely unrelated with the recent procedure done onthe patient. A detailed medical documentation is a good support formedical necessity.


A patient had a procedure, let's say, had an epidural 64483. The patient came back to the office after 2 days. The physician saw the patient and must bill an E/M code with modifier 24 if this encounter is completely unrelated to the procedure done 2 days ago. If this encounter is related to the procedure, you are not to bill the said E/M service because of the global package for the procedure. A follow up visit is always included during the global period.

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