Top Tips to Learn English

Every one want to learn English but

How to Learn English ?!

Is there any Magic?

Learning English is not easy. Many websites will try to sell you the idea that you can pay $19.99 per month and your English will be perfect. English isn't that easy language and it takes a lot of time to learn it. It takes the average English student five years to speak and write it with any kind of fluency. How long have you been studying English? If you really want to learn English, here are some useful suggestions :

1. Listen : Listening to any language is the most important factor to learn how to do first.

2. Match sounds to words : When you listen to the language, look at the letters and words that match the sounds. This will extremely improve your reading ability.

3. Write : Everytime you learn something new, write it down in a notebook. This will help you to remember what you have learned.

4. Read - Try to read English one hour every day. Yes, this is difficult, but English is a very big language, and the only way to learn essential vocabulary is to read it.

5. Speak - Whenever you have the opportunity, speak English. This will be hard to do if you don't live in an English-speaking country; however, the internet provides new opportunities to practice speaking through chat rooms (which is mostly just text for now) and through audio-video chat technology, such as is available through an Apple computer.

6. Use the internet - Find one or two or three different free websites that you can go to daily. Don't pay for instruction over the internet. Some websites require monthly or yearly fees and they aren't worth it.

7. Learn from a teacher - If it's possible you should try to learn from as many different teachers as possible, but at the very least find one teacher and learn what you can from that person.

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