Phone Conversation

If you are a caller

-- Hello?

-- Is that John?

-- Can I speak to John?

-- May I speak to John?

When you are a receiver

-- This is John speaking, who's that?

-- Who's speaking please?

-- Who's calling please?

When you ask the caller to wait

-- One moment please.

-- Just a minute please

-- Hold on please.

-- Hang on please

When you ask the caller to leave messages

-- Can you leave the message?

-- Can I take your message?

-- Would you like to leave a message?

-- Would you like him/her to call you back?

When calling the wrong number

-- I'm afraid you got the wrong number

-- Sorry, I think you reach the wrong number

When asking the receiver to transfer the line

-- Can I have extension 1234 please?

-- Could you please transfer the line to Mr. John please

When finish talking

-- Nice talking to you

-- Talk to you later

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