Denial - Timely Filing

All providers dont like one word what it is?

Denied for timely filing

This is one of the fatal denials in Medical Billing. This one is considered fatal because usually the insurance company’s ends up without paying on the claim if it denies it for this reason. This normally happens due to the ignorance or negligence of the Medical Billing Company.

Usually every insurance company fixes up a time frame for the Doctor or the Billing Company to file their bill with the insurance company. Normally it ranges from 90 days to 1 year from the date on which the service was rendered. This limit is termed as the filing limit. When one files his bills/claims crossing this filing limit, the insurance company does not process this claim, and denies it as “Claim denied for untimely filing”.

This denial normally occurs when the Billing Company files the claim with the

insurance company being ignorant of it’s filing limit else due to the heavy work-load or high pressure, there are chances for the billing company to miss out some claims to file it within the filing limit of their respective carriers.

Usually when the claim has been denied correctly for this reason, there is no other way than taking a write-off on this claim else if it is an incorrect denial, there is always an option to appeal on the denial with “Proof of timely filing”, and make the insurance company to process the claim, and make the payment on it

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