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• Medicare EOB
• Payment Floor
• Waiver of Liability
• Crossover
• Freelook (Medigap)
• Development letter

Medicare EOB:

Medicare used to mail Remittance Advice (RA) to providers and the patient receives a Beneficiary RA. RA has been replaced by Medicare Remittance Advice also called the Medicare Summary Notice. Electronic Claim sending offices receive Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), The ERA post payments automatically

Payment Floor:

The timeframe established for carrier payment Of Medicare Part B claims. As of October 1,1993, electronically submitted claims will be paid 14 days after the date of receipt, while paper claims will be paid 27 days after the date of receipt. All clean claims (claims which do not require additional development or other documentation for processing), whether electronic or paper, must be processed within 30 days of receipt or the carrier will be required to pay interest in addition to allowances for covered services

ABN(Advance Beneficiary Notice) (Waiver of Liability):

A written notice given to the patient by the Provider in advance of any service or supply furnished for which payment may be denied or reduced by Medicare as not reasonable and medically necessary. This notification serves as protection for both the Provider and the patient. GA modifier is used to denote waiver of liability. It is also called as Advance Beneficiary Notice


A situation whereby gaps in coverage for the medical expenses for a Medicare Beneficiary are forwarded by the Medicare contractor to the Patient’s medigap insurer for payment. Medigap crossovers occur only if correct Medigap information is completed on the Medicare claim form and if the patient has previously signed a Medigap crossover authorization form through a participating Medicare provider. Crossover takes place only in case of Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap Plans.

Free look (Medigap):

A period of time (usually 30 days) when you can try out a Medigap policy. During this time, if you change your mind about keeping the policy, it can be cancelled. If you cancel, you will get your money back.

Development Letter:

A notice from Medicare that a claim submitted by a provider organization cannot be processed without additional information/documentation. The letter identifies the additional information needed and the date by which the information must be received by Medicare .

Medicare claim submission address

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